CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Yes, it’s already released.

I dont see version 7 link, can someone provide me

Ohh sorry I thought you are asking about dynamic Webview.

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Now browser app are a trend to make it

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Hi everyone How i can add permission to webview i don’t find permission bloc ?

ChangeLog Version 7

New Blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in PrintWebContent method
  • Fixed bug in FileUploadNeeded method


  • Added documentName property in PrintWebContent method.If you still want to use default name then use an empty string.

What’s new

  • Ad Blocker

Super Update!

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Any new properties???

You can find them in first post :wink:

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A big update, this is one of the best extension now. :heart_eyes:

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where can i set adblock to true, is it true by default??

Please check the documentation.
Btw , it disabled by default.
To block ads you have to set ad hosts.

From where can we get ad hosts?

You can now post your blocks here because update has been released.
TOS does not applies after that version’s release.

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To block ads Click Here. Copy the text. Now Click Here, paste that text, copy result text and paste in Ad Hosts


ad host (1).txt (54.7 KB)

Just copy the text in this file and past it in adhost block.
The file contains CSV of more than 3k adhosts


It is at the first Post.


You are doing wrong
Do by this method.

I will be creating a guide for how to create/remove/switch dynamic webview using this extension. If you can then wait for sometime :blush:

Simple first

Create Webview

Set Webview

Then set Url
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