CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Try url I sent you personally… and check the icon on website and by logo clearbit

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dnt know just set +link

Yes now check active icon of that site by Going to there site…

And remove the url… from community

hi @vknow360,

i have tried this, but didn’t worked…
and according to following post on stack overflow this will work perfectly only on android 5.0-
there are some fixes for it but i can’t understood it…

also add this

Also some more suggestion for adding block(not too much important)
get progress position,url,title by id…

it will be helpful for creating advanced browser…

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Great News!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: for everyone and mainly for @vknow360 too… :relieved: :heart_eyes:
I have bypassed the full-screen video player problem by some tricky logic…


May be result(gif) i have provided is not good because compression level is


Time interval of Clock2 is 10ms and enabled is true


you will get these all of current webview which is visible, you can make a list and save the values accordingly,when the progress changes again change the values from list to current url/title.

Looks good :grin::grin:

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Found logic for getting all progress at once but i have to try it

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This took me half an hour to fix it

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hi @vknow360,
please create block for getting progess same as we get title and url using these blocks

so please create block for that it will be really very helpful…

someone reply to the topic because this is my 3rd continuous post otherwise i’ll not be able to reply until someone replies


Suppose i have two tabs opened

now i opened any link in tab1 and instantly moved to tab2…(also changed SetWebview)
after moving to tab2 we used for long time…(suppose around 10min)
now while visiting tab2 continuously for 10min don’t you think that tab will be loaded completely…?
Definitely yes,

now if we move back to tab1… progressBar will stuck somewhere as well as page loaded will not work(i’ve not checked page loaded)…


and if we get block like this for progress…
then we can check if progress is 100 then we ca perform all activity of when page loaded

I have answer to it :grin::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

You will have multiple tabs but the linear progress still 1 common for all
Then suppose

Tab1 progress = 19% linear progress = 19%
Tab1 progress = 100% linear progress = 100%


Now when you switch tab which progress is 19 to other tab which progress will become 100 after loading and as you said the other tab will also load in background.

But now the progress is 100 due to 2nd tab loaded and when you will switch to 1st tab as it is completely loaded there will be no chages in progress so it will remain 100%

So at final as many tabs you opened and switch to other the remaining will load in bg and the progress will be 100%. So it will never

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so according to your logic

suppose tab1 is at 19% and tab2 is at 30%

and we move from tab 1 to tab 2 and if tab2 is loaded completely then tab1 will also be 100…

Am i right about what you said?

You said that

its an example to clarify question…

what if we have both the tab at loading and background tab got completed…

It’s going crazy…

So the tab 2 is visible and you can get its progress right.
And tab1 which will be completed loaded while using tab2.

Why did you need a progress of a tab which is not visible.

Spongebob Squarepants GIF by The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run

I also had made a browser using his extensions, I didn’t face any issue regarding which we are arguing that I don’t know even exist.

I am gonna sleep now next reply 2020-07-14T05:30:00Z

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on tab 1 use any dynamic site and on tab just do simple google search you’ll get result that tab 1 is not loaded

if tab1 loading is not completed then it will be issue…