CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Hi, can you please add OnFormSubmission event block to know that the user just submitted any HTML form…

Just like the OnFormResubmission block.


The dev. of Extension is not in Community for one year. You can contact him through his website or comment on the custom webview topic there.


@themaayur In my app users need to upload an image file but when the button which is contained in the website is pressed nothing happens

Edit : I have figured it out.

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please provide the solution to the problem then…
this community is to help each other…
and your answer can help others with the same issue in future… thank you…



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here is how I enabled file uploading in my app. I used file tools extension from sunny gupta to get content uri from path.



I was able to select a file of my device when file upload is needed. but when submitting the form in the site I receive net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND.

What could be the error? Path?

There is a new version of this extension.
Version 9

It fixes SSL errors and other stuff.


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Hi @pkalyan and @vknow360. What are the blocks you did to download a file using this customwebviewer ? I Need to download a .pdf file. I was using extendedwebview component and it was downloading fine. Now, with CustomWebview I am getting Runtime Error: Unsupported path /storage/emulated/0/Download

And this is my block. Am I missing something?

Which android version is there in your device, if it’s android 10 then there maybe the issue.
You can’t write in /storage/emulated/0 dir
You will have to use ASD ( Application Specific Directory )

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Hello, Can you help me how to run this html file in webview (793 Bytes)

Never tried it. I think there is a block for loading html
Got it :point_down:


i using your custom web viewer but js alert not working! at the normal web viewer i can show js browser alert but in your extension not working?

example : i clicked delete button at normaly i must see the confirmation alert but i cant see and application freezes

can u help me thanks

Hello i have a problem, i have put these block (see image) to grant the Microphone permission when i do a voice search on my website, but it does not work properly. I’m definitely doing something wrong

Hi welcome back

I think you should try granting permission like this


Thanks, working fine :smiley:


Good day, i try to see www site, but see only blank screen.

its on android 10

firstly you have to set this block

container =arrengement
then set this block

id = int used at create web view

then after you can use go to url block


thank you, its working now :+1:t2:

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