CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

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The BrowserPromptHelper extension is causing my app to give an error when attempting to install it. It says “There was a problem parsing the package”. I’ve included my .aia file.

broken.aia (76.8 KB)

My device: Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G 2021, running Android 12.

It compiles just fine when only the base CustomWebView extension is there, but when there’s both it doesn’t parse the APK.


My browser window does not display the complete URL. When loading, I insert the URL into a text box, but it is incomplete on YouTube.

Mein Browser


Url is obtained from WebView class, so nothing for me to do.

but I want to display the video in a video layout and for that I need the video ID that I wanted to parse from the URL

PageLoaded event is not fired for YouTube since Yt uses JavaScript to show videos.

There are workarounds to detect url changes in this case, but currently not available in CustomWebView.

It is not loading url and closes app automatically
How can i fix this

Dark Mode is not working

Fix this issue and Update The Extensions or Tell me Solution.

Thanks for bug report.
Will see.

Also Add Force to Dark mode feature like pheonix browser .

I’m trying to use the contact picker API but it’s not working meanwhile it works on chrome.
below is my js code

    document.getElementById('pickContact').addEventListener('click', async () => {
        try {
            const supported = 'contacts' in navigator && 'ContactsManager' in window;
            if (supported) {
                const props = ['name', 'tel'];
                const opts = { multiple: false };
                const contacts = await, opts);
                if (contacts.length > 0) {
                    let phoneNumber = contacts[0].tel[0];
                    phoneNumber = phoneNumber.replace(/\s+/g, ''); // Remove spaces
                    if (phoneNumber.startsWith('+234')) {
                        phoneNumber = '0' + phoneNumber.substring(4); // Replace +234 with 0
                    document.getElementById('phone').value = phoneNumber;
                } else {
                    alert('No contacts selected');
            } else {
                alert('Contact Picker API is not supported on your browser.');
        } catch (error) {
            console.error('Error picking contact:', error);

WebView is not same as any regular browser. You can’t expect all APIs to be available in Android’s WebView.

please what’s the solution

Well no solution, if it was not clear from my previous reply.

Find words and phrases in webview how to use please give some example

Have you Fixed Darkmode Feature in extension

There is really nothing to fix. It’s all upto your app’s theme.

I am talking about night mode function which is no working

Night mode function in webview is not working

It won’t work in Android 13 and above versions.
Open the above given link to understand the reason.

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