Daily Challenge #60

This is my first contribution to Daily Challenges…

Full Clickable Arrangement

We know that Arrangements are not fully clickable… For that we have card view to do that…
But it has Margins which can’t be edited…
So Your job is make an arrangement full clickable
Like in this video…

You can use extension (only one)
Extension I used is not related to arrangements

Happy :kodular:ing

Note: It is only working on Companion and not in Compiled App…
Hope this bug will be fixed by Kodular…

Can you please elaborate a bit?

@Mateja Watch the video

Nice first daily challenge.

This makes it much harder. What extension from the hundreds there are. The daily challenges where intended to only use the components that are in Kodular. Let’s see how this one goes.


@Peter I wanted to focus on logic part
Normally daily challenges do not accept extensions because they do all things without hard work…
As I said the extension is not related to arrangements
It does not do all the things directly…

Yes it is harder to guess the extension…
The extension I used is

Now think about the logic part… :thinking:

So you convert the arrangement to image then you hide all the components from the arrangement and replace the background image of the arrangement to the image you took. That’s the solution?


Almost… thats the solution
Show blocks…

I didn’t try it

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Main arrangement has another arrangement inside that contains all the components… So Arrangement that is inside will be hidden


blocks (26) Full_Clickable_Arrangement_Simple.aia (9.2 KB)

With Procedure


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