Data from textbox doesn't put into Realtime Database

Hi everyone! I’m still a begginer
I’ve looking and reading over the forum and i’ve found no useful tips for me. Sorry if i didn’nt it well

I’ve coded blocks to take data from textbox to Realtime Database in Firebase
After a lots of tries i can’t found up what or where is the wronged thing

al foro bloqclic

As you can see, they are labels with clickable option enabled
So, i write data (only words in letters) by textbox in my project, then click on the label and Database puts “…” into there

I set Normal1 in textbox properties
google-services.json is rightly uploaded to assets
No matter when using chrome or firefox
No matter when using K companion or built apk

Should i initialize any variable as string for Database recognising before all in coding?
Is it correct the format for data in Database? else, what would be it?

Thanks lots in advance for any tip!

You are using the component blocks for your textboxes, use the .text blocks instead, e.g.


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thanks for fast answer!

It easily worked!! :clap:t3:

Thanks lots!

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