Date format from airtable

I have a problem with the date format that gives me airtable …
These are the data in date format …
Screenshot_2020-07-15 Videos Actividades - Airtable

In the application it shows them like this

I need them to show up like this

The blocks are these …

Can you help me please. I have tried several solutions but can’t find the answer


Customize field type to single text hope it helps


Hello @Vivekjain … yes, I had tried that way and it works, but I would need to keep the date format in airtable because in the next update I will try to implement a date picker that returns only the activities of the selected day … Something similar to what it did @pepocero

Thank you for your collaboration!

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Then you need to use some logic restore what you did after you get date in English use some block that if 1 is there then convert into your language hope you understand

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Same thing happened to me.

I use a procedure to reverse the date when you get the data from airtable. Something like this:


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I get it. Thank you!

Thanks @pepocero ! … I think it is a good solution…

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