Date format in list view going to strange

Hello Everyone,
I need some help to solve my problem.

I tried to view date from google spreadsheet into list view, but it showing strange format date.

This is my blocks

This is date format in google spreadsheet

and this is the GMT setting

sorry for my poor english

what is your out put in app?

it’s going like this

so you want to show indonesia time in app, correct? also show your data stored in gsheet

@Still-learning yes, exactly

Edit :
This is how i put it in google spreadsheet

no man, i am asking ghseet screenshot

yes, i want to show indonesia time in app, and also show all data stored in gsheet

:thinking: :thinking:

Sorry i’m not focus :laughing:

here it is

ok, What format you are expecting it to be??

dd MMMM yyyy
like 27 March 2022 :thinking: