Debug maps related error

The following error is persistent, I have run out of options to find the cause:
Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void’ on a null object reference

I got stuck last year with an error message (Attempt to invoke virtual…see my topic of 7/11/2022). Seems like nobody in the community, nor anyone in the development team can contribute to the resolution. I have been working on this project for years, should I now give up because of the poor debug capabilities of Kodular?
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Post your topic which problem you faced

In order to get help you must provide more infos. When this error occurs? Components or extensions used and a screenshot of your blocks

Thanks for the prompt response!

The error occurs when invoking a series of procedures in the project, but at the same time, timers get activated that in turn activate many more procedures.

Components used, related to Google Maps: G_MAP

Extensions related to maps: Custommarker from Atomdeveloper (currently disabled for debugging purpose)

Other extensions: netConnected, Taifunfile

Error message on the PC screen: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void’ on a null object reference

Error message on the Android screen: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: (my android is version 9 on Motorola smartphone and version 11 on Samsung tablet)

Followed by the PC error message (see above).

There’s over 5000 blocks, that is somewhat cumbersome to provide screenshots of. I would be happy to provide screenshots of the blocks related to G_MAP, would that make any sense? Alternatively I could give you access to the project, would that help?

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I believe that you should contact the developer since this is a paid extension. I recall that when another user in the community exprerienced same error he suggested to contact him in order to get latest version of the extension.

Hello dear i am facing the same issue when using custom marker extention after removing its working fine contact devloper to solve this issue