Debug maps related error

The following error is persistent, I have run out of options to find the cause:
Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void’ on a null object reference

I got stuck last year with an error message (Attempt to invoke virtual…see my topic of 7/11/2022). Seems like nobody in the community, nor anyone in the development team can contribute to the resolution. I have been working on this project for years, should I now give up because of the poor debug capabilities of Kodular?
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Post your topic which problem you faced

In order to get help you must provide more infos. When this error occurs? Components or extensions used and a screenshot of your blocks

Thanks for the prompt response!

The error occurs when invoking a series of procedures in the project, but at the same time, timers get activated that in turn activate many more procedures.

Components used, related to Google Maps: G_MAP

Extensions related to maps: Custommarker from Atomdeveloper (currently disabled for debugging purpose)

Other extensions: netConnected, Taifunfile

Error message on the PC screen: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘void’ on a null object reference

Error message on the Android screen: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: (my android is version 9 on Motorola smartphone and version 11 on Samsung tablet)

Followed by the PC error message (see above).

There’s over 5000 blocks, that is somewhat cumbersome to provide screenshots of. I would be happy to provide screenshots of the blocks related to G_MAP, would that make any sense? Alternatively I could give you access to the project, would that help?

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I believe that you should contact the developer since this is a paid extension. I recall that when another user in the community exprerienced same error he suggested to contact him in order to get latest version of the extension.

Hello dear i am facing the same issue when using custom marker extention after removing its working fine contact devloper to solve this issue

The developer’s website and mailaddress ([email protected]) were removed, apparently he collected the money and didn’t bother about maintaining the extension any further. This shows that Kodular is not a reliable tool for professional app development. I have spent years on my project, only to experience poor performance, during development as well as app execution, non existing debug facilities, next to no support, and outdated extensions. I may consider continuing the work once these decifiencies have been resolved.

It looks like there are some misunderstandings…

  1. a developer, in this case atomdeveloper, can decide to not provide services anymore, but this does not have anything to do with Kodular

  2. if you experience poor performance then what about doing a search in the community to find help? For example Kodular slows down, Kodular slow

  3. are you aware about Do it? use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
    see also Live Development, Testing and Debugging

  4. outdated extensions are the responsibility of the corresponding extension developer… generally you get what you pay for…