Decimal numbers

greetings to all

I’m starting in Kodular and I’m trying to make a calculator but I don’t understand how to make the decimal point button stop working once there is already a decimal point in the figures (Until now you can put the decimal point endless times in my application, in the same number)

You mean, you want to stop decimals at some point? Like instead of having 3.14161… to have 3.14?

Show us what logic you have used for decimal

I think they dont want to allow more than one decimal point eg. 3.142 instead of 3.14.2

You can store your text input in a variable and when the text box is changed, check if there are more than 1 decimal points. if there is, set the text box text back to your variable, if not then update the variable with the new text.

Hi, I also made a calculator and what I did was disable the buttom the decimal symbol once it had been pressed, so I ensured that there was only one decimal symbol in the number in my case it was a comma (,)