Deleting Screen Data Does Not Update

I have a screen in the app, which I delete data. But it happens that when I delete it, the data is still there on the screen. Then I need to get out of the screen and back in again to update the deletion.
How can I update data deletion without leaving the screen?

Please help me

i think your project is nor saving automatically, refresh your browser page or clear cache

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This problem I mentioned above is already the app working on mobile.

In this app, I have a list of names linked to the firebase database. And when I select 1 name from the list and delete that name, in the database it deletes normally, but on the app screen, the name is still there. Then I have to leave the screen and go back to that name that I exclude from the list.

you also have to refresh list after deleting from database, or also use remove list item blocks with (where you are removing item from firebase)

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This first option to update the list how can I do in blocks? Can you help me please?
Below is how the blocks are.

sorry i cant understand this language, but when you are deleting any item, like firebase remove first tag(), there you can remove item from list too,

Quiet friend, I thank you for the attention you are giving me.

Could you just tell me which block I can use to update the list or app screen after deleting a data from the list?

which you have used to show list first, how did you get the list first? same will be used again to refresh

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