How to refresh screen after deleting some data from that screen like card view delete

hello guys i want to refreash data of a screen after if user delete some data from screen please help me

How can you allow user to delete the data? Can you show us your blocks? Are you telling, that user deletes his input values?

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i have to delete

If user deletes, then use this block, Open screen another screen name block… And use the same screen name

If it not work, Use timer. If he delete, call timer to run for 5 or 10 sec and use notifier to inform as Please wait… Then when the timer over use the above said block (i.e. Open screen another screen name)

ok let me try

but here are 3 scroll vertical arrange if i dolike that then then screen will be start from beginning

please help

In such case, if user deletes using a button, then hide that arrangement alone

but if screen occure refresh then arrangment will be visible how to check that user previous screen

use procedure close screen and then open screen with screen name

i thnk u didnot understand my problem

We answered as per the question you posted in the forum. IF you elaborate exactly what you want, then experts may help you…