Deshboard and ads panel not showing

I dont looking for Deshboard and ads panel right now ,how can i get its please help me

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This might help

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Monerization #Requre Approve not showing.
Monetization Statue Wait 1 day, 14 hours from now

Do what the message tells… wait.

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If i publish my app on playstore. What well be available request approve automatically?

Yes, When you publish you app on Google Playstore then your app automatically get approved.

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This means that you have to download your app from Google as well, and only from Google, Not as shared APK install or other sites install.

I have the app on the Google Play Store. Does my app require approval for showing ads ?

No, apps published on Google Play store need not request for approval.

Ads are automatically shown when the app is installed from Google Play Store.

I have the app on the Google Play Store. But ads are not showing in the built APK.

If installed directly from an APK(while developing, perhaps) the ads might not be displayed.

Ads are shown automatically only when downloaded and installed through the Google Play Store.

Monetization Status Today 2 day 23 hours from now why?

My App Live on Play Store.

If it’s live on Playstore you don’t need to worry about it. Ads will show if your ad provider wants to display them.

For other stores you will just have to be patient. It can sometimes take 7-14 days for approval.

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Quick action needed… i can’t access my account dashboard and ads panel… pls help