Ads approve problem

i add own ad code but ad dont see. app gives Admob Approve error. it says you go to /cpanel/creator/admob however i dont open. system turn me to . i am so sad . i will cryy.

@KodularCreator time to change this to point to the right one

@IfsaIzlers see below

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@Diego Please look into it when you have time

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Hello i submitted my app for approval 5 days ago an i receive a email , your app was approved but when i open my project option it was showing your app is since submitted for review what kind of issue is this i got email your App was approved but add request error is not solving please i am very retarted is send so many posts in community but post approved by moderator please help me to solve this issue! i will Very ThankFull To You ! :slight_smile:

If you are using admob ads then don’t overthink. Because too many koders created the topic that my app is approved by the kodular but ads are not coming… Great solution is that publish your app on play store .

not showing

![Screenshot (37)|690x387]