Develop a translator app using Google translate api

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If you have ever dreamt of unleashing the power of API’s, If you ever wanted to gain a clear understanding of using lists in your app, If you ever wanted to create an app with a sleek design then, I recommend you to enroll in the following course where all the above has been explained clearly while creating a beautiful translator app.

What will you get with this course :open_mouth:

  • You will create an exact app as shown in the preview using Google translate API
  • This course is more than 5 hours in duration.
  • You will receive a certificate on completion of the course
  • You can enroll in this course for flat 10$ (Hurry up)

These were few of the many important things in the course and I am pretty sure that you’ll be very excited to learn about each and every feature once you’ll watch the preview of the app.

Click here: How to do more with MIT App Inventor 2, Thunkable or Kodular | Udemy

See you in the course :wink:

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Welcome, @Een_jeen!
Nice to see you here.

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You can also use yandex

This is against Google’s ToS. You can’t use Google Translate API to make a translation app.

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Hi friend,
I had a look through the terms of Google Developers and didn’t find anything specific about not creating a translator app. I am very thankful to you for raising this issue. I will further search other pages for any specific information about it.

However, let me make it clear that this course is no more just about using Google translate API. My main aim is to teach about some advanced concepts while creating an example app. So, even though the end product is a translator app but, it is much more than that, you will learn about lists, variables, Web API, designing, debugging, extensions and much more. In fact, I have changed its name to MIT App Inventor 2 advanced course.

Hope you have understood :slightly_smiling_face: