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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well
I was planning to create a developer account, but due to shortage of funds, I am thinking of creating free Amazon Developer account instead Google Play.

So, I just needed some help with following

  1. Do anyone here have Amazon developer account? If yes what is your experience until now?

  2. What about all the contact info they take including your detailed address?Is all of these shown publicly? (This may be an obvious question but being a beginner in this, I need to know these)

  3. Do you recommend Amazon Developer account? or are there any better option except Google Play(because I can’t manage it currently :disappointed:)

  4. What about apps published there? Any related future problem like problem in updating apps or providing updates to users, etc?

Apart from this, do share if you have anything worth shareable regarding above subject.
Thank you.

Don’t publish in amazon app store
Very bad experience 2 years ago

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I made one out of curiosity and uploaded an apk as a test. Never used it since then.

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Any better option?

Play console :pensive:

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Not possible for me

Then do one thing buy old console if you don’t have sufficient funds

Can you explain?

Buy someone old account who sells (get in low cost )

I found it somewhat simpler then Google Play

It is less restrictive than Google Play. More forgiving.

I have amazon developer account, 1 time i submit app, and then i got notification, the message was i dont know, but i have used it, you need to set up various things, it took much time to set up

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I think its not recommended to buy a pre-made account! Am I right @Peter?

Who download first amazon app store than app from amazon store.
This is my app which i published 2 years ago and it has only 10 Downloads . And it is rank good in this keyword.
Amazon don’t have a good app store user database

So amazon is not a good option.

My app - Html viewer: Appstore for Android

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I wouldn’t do that. Didn’t even know that that was possible. If Google finds out you are in trouble i guess.

Yes that’s why I said :point_down:

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Kodular Store :kodular:

It’s temporarily down I think :thinking:

I’ve never used the Amazon App store but one thing that comes to mind is the fact that Amazon devices don’t have Google Play services, which Kodular uses in quite a few components. I don’t know whether because of this, apps with Google Play services cannot be uploaded to the Amazon App store, I couldn’t find any information about that.

You could try their testing service to see if your app is compatible:

I only suggest not to force you because you are in problem to buy console so i suggest and my friend buy old play console every month (because he has a good business in apps) so he didn’t face any problems till now.
It’s your choice

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I read an article related to this(not exactly) and that’s why I think one cannot find amazon app store app on Android devices. Users need to side-load the Amazon app store apk in order to have access to their apps.

BTW, does this also mean that its simply not possible to deploy Kodular made apps on android devices downloaded from Amazon store? :thinking: