Developing an extension: whats the maximum number of objects you think is useful

I’m developing an extension “multidictionary”.
I’m trying to allow creating unlimited multidictionaries, but i am not achieving. Instead, i can create a limit, big or small.
For everyone that finds something like that useful, what do you think?
about 100, 250, 500, 1000, 10000, or something else? I need a base to develop the extension…

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why not use yail dictionary class

They are different. A multidictionary is a dictionary with a difference: you can store more than two values on each pair, and get any value by other. The problem is that i can’t create infinite quantity of these, because when it comes to setting a name for the variable, i don’t have an infinity of names.
So i have to use if else and set X number of names and throw a YailRuntimeError if it exceeds the maximum.
And i am asking the community what number should be that X.