Maximum how many extension we have to use in 1 applications?

Hello coders,

I have question in my mind that how many maximum extension we need for 1 applications which consist of proper ui and more functionality in it??

You can use as many as you like as long as the app doesn’t become too big, or the extensions don’t affect each other or components in your app.

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There is no answer for this.
I believe there is no limit. In theory you can add all the extensions in your app, but this would probably make your app very big and slow.

And there are extensions with about 20kb and others with 2mb.
Some are used just for half a second and others will consume resources all the time the app is open.

And you can make great apps without using any extension.

Everything will depend on each specific project.

How can we many any dynamic application without extension?

But if we want to make an app UI/ UX designer then which extension is used?? that will make an application interactive and attractive??