Development of extension

i have kodular project and i want to turn it into a new extension so how can i do it?

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I’m confused, what do you mean?

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your project is different(CREATOR) and extension development is different(IDE) if you want to develop extension then use kodular ide with coding.

you can’t convert project into extension

i have blocks in kodular and i wish to turn into aextension. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also thought of this idea, it would be really nice if procedure could be converted to an extension

ya, but till now it’s not possible, one thing tell me do you know online extentension development?

It may be possible to create a new type of extension

if you want to use procedure in different projects and different screens simply use backpack and to share procedure download block as image what is need for extension.

Is there a valuable reason as to why you want to make your app into an extension?