How to create extension with Koding

I want to develop some extension that might be useful to myself and other Koders.
But I must have to know how to use Java to develop extension and I don’t know how to use Java. However, extension I want to develop is available with just pure Kodular.

For example, simple wrapper for specific API. This is available with pure Kodular (Web component), and I can make my functions into procedures, but I cannot convert this into .aix file or proper extension.

It seems I can’t do this with Kodular and some people might say “Just learn Java” but is there any way to do this? Thanks!

What is Pure and Impure Kodular? :thinking::thinking:

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If you mean that you want to make extensions using Kodular blocks, then it isn’t possible!

I think even I would say this

A Kodular AIA file compiles into an .apk or .aab not .aix


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I dont think it is possible. If you wanted to create extension then you must learn java.

Ok. I expected that. I’ll Just learn Java. Thank you for answering!

Maybe someday, but not now. But I don’t think there’s a need for that. An extension is meant to add more features that don’t exist or hard to achieve. Publishing it is like helping other users. If you are just using only Kodular blocks, but you want to help others/ share your work, why not posting either the image of blocks (the png which can be dragged to Kodular), or an .aia project file?

Using your example, an simple wrapper for grabbing from an API, you can use a procedure block (or so-called a function/method).

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