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Hello Koders
I am doing a digital menu for a cafe , i actually bought an extension for dynamic card view with airtable or any external server with the cache option that am looking for cuz we have to load images offline. This is the important thing but this extension only works on new versions of mobile but not old versions of tablets that i have, so i had to use a normal cardview adding assets but i really have more then 400 pictures in low resolution and i am using scroll vertical arrangement instead of using screens cuz i may have more then 100 screens are that gonna affect my app ? it is going to crash ? are there any better way to do that project ? thank you in advance.

100 Screens !!!
You can use vertical arrangement instead of screens.
But I don’t know if it is possible with so many …

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Yes it will definitely effect thr app!!
Even app inventor says to use only 10 screens in a app! :keycap_ten:

Your app for low end phones and outdated android version will be too slow and laggy

You can use arrangements components instead

You may also need this extension
Image loader

Am not using screens , i am using arrangements components so i want to know how many arrangements i can add ?

No it is only one Screen and arrangements components but are there a limit for that ?

:thinking: It’s a good question … never use more than 15 VA.
May I ask why so many screens / VA. So great is the cafe menu ?

yes it is about many sections and menus

Suggestion :— i think its better for you to first divide the whole menu into sections (like breakfast menu, afternoon menu and so on…) :label:

Then for each section add a vertical scroll arrangement
And after that use dynamic card view, image button

To write about the section item :smile:

(It can keep your work tidy )

D.V. :heart:

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I agree with what @devanshvinayak9 says. Also you can use vertical scroll arrangement to show many items.

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I will try this , anyway please take a look at my starting aia file its not complete yet but you can have an idea how am working on itADM.aia (704.6 KB)

be sure that this version is for tablet i couldn’t make it work both for tablet and mobile , no responsive way

At first sight after opening the aia I was :scream::exploding_head::hot_face:

you took so many duplicated components!!

How I do is that I pick the components on their need with proper labeling

Because I get to much confused with label1 label2 label3 label3_copy…

So the next year when I have to update the app I will not have to first understand what actually app does :joy:

So the suggestions from me would be

  1. Create a neat and tidy work with labeling
  2. Take only few components at start so that it may not be messy
  3. Try to use dynamic components as there are so many duplicated components :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer::mask:

D.V. :heart:


If you got your answer mark the relevant reply as answer :white_check_mark:

As others have suggested already may be you are not looking for the solution from different view point. If you real trouble is to figure out arrangements, let’s first share the printed copy of the menu if you don’t mind then we can better guide on if you need to categorize them or merge them or anything else. But giving a look at the problem will really help and you might also find solutions with very less blocks.

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hahahah yeah i know about this mess but i just wanted to let you see the design and the function of the app as i told you before i have purchased a very useful custom recycle view from deephost can do the job but it is not compatible with my 15 samsung tabs , so the way of using the actual methods it take long time and works , i want to use airtable no problem with dynamic but how can i set the images to cache to be able to load offline later

i will ok !

Here are the whole menu hosted in finedinemenu you can see the sections and all

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Thank you for sharing the menu, it now really helps in understanding the context of your problem.

So now you want to have your designer view exactly same your web view. And everything needs to be created manually because you said dynamic elements is not feasible in your case because of the old tablets?

Then all of this can be designed but will take a little longer because you need to create each element on designer and also set properties. Talking about the performance, you can use as many as you wish this shouldn’t be a problem.

But pay special attention to name your elements otherwise you will be so much confused and have tough time debugging.

Tip: I would encourage to analyze your cost of upgrading the tablets once again. So that your development will be easy and future reliable.

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I think your best solution would be to have the menu in a responsive webpage and open it in a webviewer. That way when your menu items or prices change, you don’t have to update it twice. If an online menu is not an option, then you can design the html page of your menu and upload it in the app assets. You will save a lot of work by doing that.


Well said :+1:t2:

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