Direct Link Generator-GoogleDrive,Dropbox,Onedrive

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Direct Link Generator-GoogleDrive,Dropbox,Onedrive

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Some of us would want to share the direct links for the files, so that any user can initiate the download just by clicking that hyperlink. You could do that easily. You just need to edit the share URL to make this happen. To make things a lot easier, I have created a tool by which you can generate direct download links for your files in Google drive, Dropbox and Onedrive.
What you have to do is just copy the share URL of any file.Paste the share URL in the text box under “Enter Share link” and press Enter. Now, if you have entered a correct URL. A direct link would have been generated and selected. Press copy that URL. Just check the following image to know how it works.
How to create direct links with this tool?
1.First you must obtain the share URL.
2.Here is the guide below to obtain Share link.
3.Paste that link in the ‘Enter Share link’ textbox.
4.Then, click Generate.
5.Press “Copy to clipboard” to copy the direct link to your clipboard.
6.This tool will work only for Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive links only.
7.This tool will not work for Google Documents (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.) that created inside Google Drive. If you want to create a direct link for Google Documents (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, etc.) that created inside Google Drive, first download them to your computer then upload that file back on to Google Drive


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It’s not working for me…
Plus, I have found a bug I think : when we click on the textbox to past the link, the keyboard appears and just for 1 second, we can see a purple background (splash screen I think).
I also have to say that there are too many ads !
Nobody will download your app because of that.

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i think it is not a bug.


Yep, thats true. You should only place one ad at the top or the button of the screen but not in the middle and certainly not two. Thats annoying.


Thanks for your valueable feedback