[Discontinued] Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

Yeah, use the “foreground” task for it that downloads the wallpaper from the internet using the DownloadManager.
Foreground tasks start immediately (with a notification that tells what activity is going on). Once the download is complete, you should be above to set that using the Wallpaper component.

I request you please make aia for this type app. Please

What have you tried first of all?

It’s too late for testing v4.0 A

No. I am not getting how to start coding for this type therefore i request please make coding for this type app. I request you.

Yeah, I understand but just calmy go through the examples given, I cannot create and give examples all time. :upside_down_face:
If you are stuck somewhere ask here for help.

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Only few block creat after i will create only starting block creat plz

No, prob I already told you, I will give your fee. Plz tell me your fee for wallpaper auto set.

you have 1 not two not but three accounts?
maybe you should only use one of them

Only 2, cause of 2 device, and reply not post 5 hours time later post reply show notification cause of use this account.

Please remove those unnecessary large pics.
It’s obvious, said you before, you cant create anything things like the label.

So how to get my data? By If condition.

Can you give me code that help me to create extra function so that i calln seprate tag and value as like:-

if tag = nib
then value = store in variable.

I think your extension is not configure for GetValue Function it’s only works with DataChanged Event.

Get a New update and fix those bugs

Hey, a fast question: can your extension work with “Phone Call” component? I would like to detect in background when user stars a call:upside_down_face:

Explain clearly.

Its pretty much easy, just create an component that has events to listen to those events and you can call functions like (show a notification).

The extension is pretty much useless without its developer.
Anyone can share their thoughts on ‘how’ to simplify the working process.

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I found out that “Phone Call” component cannot detect every started call, but only the started call with the specify phone number… So my other question is: can your below extension detect every phone call? If yes, can that extension work in background? And what is the “android.intent.action” for a phone call?

You can check the number through the extra function using the inbuilt component.

I have tried with these blocks:


Background task starts fine, but when I call someone notification isn’t shown:cry:

How to repeat the code if i am use DataChanged event?
In Background!

Because i don’t know any method to repeat the Event by clock.

How i can use if then condition with Extra Function Block?

I want to check not equals condition, But i don’t know the code to execute.

@Xoma or anyone Help Me