[Discontinued] Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

Why cant you look how at the examples?
They are so easy, something != something

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Therw are too many mess when found the informative post of your and others,

If you categorize them in your first post it is very helpful.

Can i use full java in extra function or conditional java only?

Why this method does not working?

if( Make Extra Function != val1){return true;} else{return false;} :: function(something)


It’s simple, MakeExtra can only work for function values.
You will have to first call the function then check the invoke.

This is personal, I send you my blocks help me out and aia also.

I sent my aia to you help me to solve the Make Extra Block Problem

If you want to make a changing wallpaper, then maybe look at this:


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I wonder why do you want to talk about such things that don’t contain any info or anything.
Avoid off-topic.


Hi! Im trying to send at 9 oclock a push notification with web component content, so i use the alarm clock. But the tag {%3} is not working, because the notification show me the text {%3}
I dont know what to do :frowning:

Remove the start block with the ignore result and try again.

no, its still not working :frowning:

Could you please PM me the AIA?
I will check it later.

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I am not sure why this is happening, at the first point the service should get crash as in the third value for the showContent function is a text and not boolean, you should have first got class cast exception.

Set the third value of showContent to false or true (for big text)
let me know if this solves, else I will investigate the issue

May I know your android version.

nope, nothing changed :sob:

i have a xiaomi MI A2 with Android 10

Hi, this actually looks like a synchronization bug one of the loops is executed late, I will do deep into the issue tomorrow and check what is not working.

I have sent you the project file (nothing is changed), what was happening with you should not have happened at all, it’s totally weird, did you update your extension? how many times?

Because that on your APK was behaving differently from the one of mine.

anyway, I have fixed it and sent you the new project file, removing and reuploading the extension just fixed the problem.

Tasks 3.7 :watermelon:

Minor bug fixes

  • Improved event handling
    Components like the PhoneCall component of the AnsweredCall event’s phone number was null sometimes.
    The extension couldn’t handle it although the value is not used. This is now fixed

  • Fixed service start issue on older devices (ref this post)

Download extension:com.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (467.6 KB)


Hi sorry for the late reply, I needed some time.
Since the android application needs access to phone call permission to be declared in the android XML, that doesn’t work.

Kodular has an inbuilt “PhoneCall” component.

phone_listener.aia (469.7 KB)


Make sure to allow all the permissions to avoid crashes since the components cannot ask for permission from the background.


Hey, thanks for your reply:+1:
I have downloaded your background tasks extension (version 3.7) and I’ve done this:


All works except for “CALL ENDED” notification, it isn’t shown…
I supposed that “PhoneCallEnded” event isn’t catched:frowning_face: