Wallpaper App(Change app's wallpaper in background)

Hello koders I have brought wallpaper app that can change wallpaper of app in background

Screenshots :-

Demo Video :- Please check it’s amazing

Test app :- AutoWallpaperChanger.apk (6.4 MB)

Aia file :- Wallpaper Aia

I you got any error simply knock me till then happy koding :slightly_smiling_face: and don’t forget to hit :+1:


We would like you to add some screenshots and the apk link is not working.

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Updated :slight_smile:

Love the concept. Will have a look at the Aia.
I’m sure I can learn something from it. :+1:

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Note :- @koders if you want continuously run the services please enable restart after kill in background task extension.


I think I have forgot to enable it

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I want to connect this with airtable how can i do ?