[Discontinued] [PAID] AppLovinMax With Mediation

[PAID] AppLovinMax With Mediation

An extension to show AppLovinMax ads from your application.

What is AppLovinMax?

MAX is AppLovin’s in-app monetization solution. Move beyond the traditional monetization solution and integrate MAX. MAX is a single unbiased auction where advertisers get equal access to all ad inventory and bid simultaneously, which drives more competition and higher CPMs for you.

Extension Components

6 types of ads available now. Upcoming ad is AppOpenAd.

Supported Mediations

  • Admob
  • Meta (Facebook)
  • AdColony
  • DT Exchange
  • IronSource
  • Unity Ads
  • Vungle
  • Tapjoy
  • Pangle
  • Mintegral
  • Line

Add the SDK Key

Add the following <meta-data> element to your AndroidManifest.xml , inside the <application> element.


AppLovinMax - SDK/Core Components

Initialize sdk before load any ads.

Max Banner

MAX sizes banners from other networks normally. Adaptive banners are responsive banners with heights that derive from the device type and the width of the banner.

Max MRec

Max Interstitial

Max Rewarded

Max Native

Max Custom Native

Note: You must have Kodular Premium account.
:loudspeaker: I’ll share demo blocks and explained documentation as soon as possible.

Testing Video ↓

Click To See E-CPM Rate

GitHub Repository ↓

Extension specifications:

Size: 1.73 MB
SDK Version: 11.4.6
Demo Apk: :android: AppLovinMax.apk
GitHub Repository: :github: AppLovinMax
Last amendment: 17 October 2022


:loudspeaker: Demo application and testing video added.

is this extension stable, can it be used in other builders and what is its price?

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Yes you can use this extension in any builder, please knock me on Telegram or WhatsApp

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Hello @Princeboy, please show me your issue, not same comment everywhere!

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I faced issue I text him to many times he just ignored me

Many people have a complaints against you. I already told you to maintain clarity with your customers.

:stop_sign: Stop taking money from users, if you can’t support them afterwards.


My request to kodular staff to blocks this scammer from kodular

Hello @Princeboy, please show me your issue here.
Maybe something wrong from your end, cause no one has any issue with this extension.

I’ve added implementation guide video in main topic. Please follow my steps if you facing any issue on setup blocks.

I am facing issue in applovin bidding extension

So why wrote here, please knock me personally or write on that topic.

To many time I asked you but you just ignored me that’s why I asked here

Now moved to the correct thread

After purchased his extension…i aslo face some problem but the guy @JEWEL ignored me continuously… Already 3 months he ignored me…then i just stop him to message…My money is completely lost

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The guy is completely a fraud… After taking money he doesn’t do anything…just provide the fake extension which is not work properly…

I have many proof…

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show your issue here