Admob Extension

Hi Koders.

Can i use said dev admob extension in Kodular :slight_smile:

There will any issue using this???

Kodular already have the component, which is free why to spend money?


Thank you very much for responding.

Admob ads loading slowly in Kodular version, also some ad fill error.

Whereas in this extension all ads load super faster.

I am spending bcz i need something effective and fast.

But want to know will it cause any problem in future?

This guy is selling it for 100€. He’s literally stealing your money. Why would anyone buy an extension (especially one that is so expensive) when the feature is already available for free in Kodular? I don’t think there is a difference between load times. Test ads always load and they load fast. The fill error depends mostly on the content of your app and its audience (country etc.).

If I were you I’d rather keep these 100€ or donate it to Kodular instead of buying an extension that is available here for free!


Actually your right.

I will think about and donate.

Ads are loading perfectly on other app with that extension whereas Kodular admob say No fill.

But i hope kodular fix everything

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They don’t have to fix anything. From what I can tell it’s working just fine.

Do you get an “Empty Ad Inventory” error or something similar to that? This may be because of the country you live in. A few days ago I tested the Admob banner and it worked as expected.


Kodular have already a admob component and importing similar extension can cause problem, We can not grantee

Buying any other extension is not the issue. But later on, you may face these issues.

  1. You know, Kodular is updating its platform regularly, and sometimes due to code mismatching it may show errors with your extension in Kodular or any other platform like this. Example:- Extended web viewer, Colin Tree List view extensions are not 100% compatible with Kodular.
  2. Admob is also changing its Ads SDK many times, so the extension may even not support all the time. Will the developer support you all the time, in case of any updates?
  3. Finally, as said by others, the price of that Admob Extension is so high.

I hope you have got your answer.