Display data from firebase

Hello, so i have this firebase database who contains quotes and i would like to display these quotes on the screen using list view component. How could I do this? Thank you!

You have to call all tags and save values in a list, then set listview elements with the list

If you don’t know the number of tags , call get tag list, then for each value of tag list call the get value and save them in a list.

it doesn’t work…

Show your blocks . You tested if your firebase configuration is right ?

So I succeeded to do this but how can I shou only the values/quotes without the tags?

In initialize only tag list , then in when tag list add for each item in list value and inside the get value with item like tag. In when got value insert add value to list . The set listview after the for each but probably you have to use a clock to set a delay. I will explain after :sweat_smile:

Here the code with the clock trick

The second way is great if you have a different database, here the guide

Thank you, it works!

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