Display/hide label based on start Value

Screen1 when opens should not display label1.

But when from screen2 I come to screen1, I will pass start value, only then label1 should be displayed on screen1.

I was trying
if (getStartValue) {
label1.text = getstartvalue
} else {

But when screen1 opens for first time it is displaying label1

Where am i going wrong?

In the screen1 have u set that label visible to false in properties of the label?

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Thanks Apps_solutions_365,
I now unchecked visible property of label

But still same issue :frowning:

Ya because you are not implementing the logic correctly.
Get start value equals to what??
Use a logic equal to in if condition

Trial.aia (2.9 KB)

See now

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But getValue can be any no that I will display on screen along with label.

So I need something like if getValue not provided then hide label else show

When screen1 opens I am not passing getValue so here I have to hide label

You can do if get value equals to 0 if u are getting a number as a value
And get value as empty text if u are getting text as the value

And because u are saying that it is a points label
U can do
If (get start value >= 0)
Show label
Hide label

I think that’s what u meant right? :thinking:

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Or what u can do is

If (is empty- get start value)
Hide label
Show label

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My screen2 is currently having issues so cant test end to end

But I tried isNumber (getValue) and it seems to be working

Thanks for your help