Display images faster

Hello kouders, I was using the utils image component a lot, so that it generates the dynamic component without crashing, but I was wondering if there is an extension or if they would take my idea to develop an extension that when I generate an image it shows the image in low quality so that the dynamic component does not get stuck and then gradually its quality rises to its normal quality.

What do you think of the extension idea?

If it already exists, fine. Can someone share the link if the above is true?

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I don’t remember any extension that does it, but it is really a good idea. Many websites work like you suggested, and it would really be interested for some apps.

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I think that this is not exactly your idea, but this could help you possibly.

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You can try image loading extensions such as Picasso or Glide as they provide option to put thumbnail until original image is loaded.


Thanks for the info, I’ll take it into account.

Thank you for your contribution, but you can also put a thumbnail with the component that kodular de imagen utils offers us, first you establish the image normally with the thumbnail you want and then you add the block to it so that it shows the real image when it is already there loaded.