Display Items in List made using Dynamic Components

Hi Everyone.
I want to display the items in a list made using Dynamic Components.
I am appending and getting the value from firebase.
But how can I display the items in the list?
I have already created a simple procedure.

I also saw a guide but it didn’t help me much as it had only one input to list.

I’m sorry i have a question:
If show a list view with dynamic component why you complicate yourself, what is the difference with Kodular’s List View Component ?
I suggest use List View Kodular component is more easy and you have the same result

Using dynamic components, you can create a custom list view.
Over here I have also used an extension to create a list view with round image.

I think you miss the list procedure

I’m sorry i don’t see that part.
Take a look to this thread by @Earn_Money_online , you need to do some adjustment to looks like you need. But I’m 100% shure helps you.