Display stream duration

How to can i make my app show the duration the user is streaming, when the user pause the app the counting should stop and when he resume streaming the counting should resume. when the is not streaming if there is no networking the streaming should not count.

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is there something you tried…

i haven’t yet cos i don’t now where to start from

I cant understand what are you trying to do.

Please elaborate.

What’s your app about?
What it does?
And what are you trying to do?

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it is a radio app that people can stream all over the world

See here:

i mean something like this

how can i make my app showing loading when the app is buffering and it will disappear when the app starts playing

any help on it, Please i need some assistance

i need help on this block, my seconds read till 100 before the minutes count. any help on this block that if the seconds reads to 60 then the minutes should count and the seconds should start from 00

This will help you: How to set exo player duration on label

The simplest is to use this extension, otherwise the blocks below it:

see also here:

the extension didn’t work, i want my app to display my current duration on label. any help on it

What do you mean?

See here:

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thank you, it works

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