Divice Id and App sinup erorr

What is the name of your app? System

Describe your app: Can anyone fix this bug and give it to me


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)System (1).aia (891.8 KB)

I have changed the Topic Koded Apps → Discuss

Because it is irrelevant to topic

Why are you asking the Permission

please aia file download and my problem fix

now my exam going on after 11 am IST I will test it

Ok please help

seems like you denied already go to setting of your app and enable the permission

How to do it

Go to settings —> apps ----> your app ----> permissions ----> allow all

Should everyone who downloads the app do so?

no you asked for permission in screen but you denied it so only the ones who denied it need to go there

But such a request is not made If you can, download the aia file

It cant be asked

In this way, errors are shown under the code as soon as it is created
If you can, can you fix this and give me the app?