Dividing a word and removing its parts

Hey. How can I make an email from a text field, e.g. [email protected], change into the “example” itself? How do you cut off the tip for @?

please clearly elaborate it.

Is there any possibility that if I get a user’s email, I could cut the end of the email with @, then I want to replace the dot with underscore, and set it as a project bucket firebase. I do not know how to separate the end of the e-mail from the beginning of the e-mail.



But how to remove this separated part?

Just try. Hover over the block in the blockeditor and you get an explanation how to handle the result.


But you don’t get a ready-made AIA. :wink:

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I read and it is nowhere written. If anyone knows how to do it, please show me the blocks, because I need it very much.

What have you tried? Show the blocks you made. If you are able to work with firebase this should be simple.

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Testing, making mistakes, making it right, then learning.

Peter has given you a great start path.

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What Peter showed me, I already knew. I do not know how to force my application so that one word (already with a space in the middle) breaks into two words into two separate textboxes

Great! Now …

That’s how our community help each other.

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I’m sorry, Peter. I did not notice the request. And as for the topic, I wanted to create a unique identifier for the user in firebase, but after some time I will use the block of time to generate a sequence of numbers. Thanks to all for your help! :sweat_smile::smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: