Do not use this block anymore

My InAppBilling component automatically gets disabled and I have to manually enable it every time I re-open that project. When I move the cursor on the disabled InAppBilling component, it says this:


Why? Is this block does nothing? or it is useless nowadays?
Should I enable it every time? or should I delete that block?
What’s wrong I am doing, let me know, Please!:expressionless:

You can remove this block. This block is no more required.

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So no more need of LicenseKey and Merchant ID? for in app billing?

Yes, they are no longer required by the new Google Play In App Billing library we use now.


Please do search before creating a new topic…this topic was discussed before

I also searched about it before creating a topic but I did not find what I was looking for.

Thanks brother :pray:

I don’t think so :roll_eyes::smirk:

That is just a keyword game. I searched with my keywords and I did not find it. You searched with yours and you find it. I didn’t have that much time to search the whole community. I created this topic and got my answer on the right time.:expressionless:

That’s not my problem :smirk:

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I’m just asking to search on community before creating a new topic…

Look how are talking first. You definitely sounding like you want start a fight. I already told you I searched about it. You believe it or not I don’t care. I’m not here to. Please you. If you can’t help then don’t post anything.

I will close this topic now before it gets out of hand.

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