Billing In-App Purchases i need Help

I try to build an app with in-app purchases and i and I’m having some problems with the After Purchase event, because for some reason it does not run


what? i don’t understend

Read please the link.
We can only help you if you give us more information about your problem etc

I try to build an app with in-app billing, and when i call to after purchased event, this doesn’t work, the blocks:

Take a look here how to setup everything:

the taifun extension does not have the event after purchased

The product ID returned by this block is the product ID of the item that you have created in Play Dev Console.

I know, the problem is that it does not get to execute the event after purchase, if you can see the blocks, at the beginning of the after purchase event, I put a toast, and it does not run, therefore it means that the after purchase is not executed

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It was not work becouse you have not import your developer App KEY & Product id. You have to created Product id manually in play developer console app list.

This is now a deprecated block according with block descriptions

@pavi2410 why is the Initialize block in Kodular now deprecated?
how can the license key and merchant id be assigned now?
also why is the Consume method deprecated? How can a product now be consumed to be able to be bought again?

btw. the Kodular in app billing help page provides a 404 error

does Kodular still use the AnjLab library?


This is the new page:

But without documentation

We use the official Google Play Billing library which doesn’t require license key or merchant id.

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But the component now is not working :confused:

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@pavi2410 Can you take a look to this please?