Do you want Mockups?

Hi Koders!

Since yesterday, I’ve begun making device mockups for screenshots of apps. They’re like Clay Mockups and the frame can be any color you’d like. And to show my appreciation to developers who work hardest at keeping everything running smoothly, I will be adapting the device you’d like, to the screenshot; No more seeing those stretched out screenshots for using a Galaxy S10 with your Pixel 2.

Fill the topic with your requests! Color, device, and device you took the screenshots on, oh and I almost forgot the screenshots :) 

Stay safe :heart:


Would be greatly appreciated. The device doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an Android :wink: blue colour
Use your imagination and have fun!

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What device did you take this on?

Samsung Galaxy J6.

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Previews (867.9 KB)

There’s something extra in the .zip :wink:


Awesome, thanks!

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This is not a topic to call people out, please take this into a PM peacefully :slight_smile:

hehehe ok, its no problem to me at all, sorry… I’ll do that. Thanks

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