Does all the Assets automatically stored in the user's gallery during app install?

Just a simple question this time.

Does all the Assets automatically stored in the user’s gallery during app install? or into device folders?


Your app folder not seen in gallery.
But when you testing it shows in gallery

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My question is, will the final apk to be installed by user includes all images in the asset folder?


No it will not

Yes, whatever you upload to your assets, they are stored in assets folder of the app not in the user device.

Anyone can see the assets of your app by decompiling your apk.

Assets are not stored in users gallery or file manager.

But when you are testing your apk in companion, they are stored in a folder in your device file manager that also seen in gallery.

This will happen to provide you the real apk like feel in the companion.

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Thank you guys. I need to have several images stored for user to pick after they install the apk. Then how do I do that?

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Use firebase storage to store media files by uploading from your app when user pick it.

Thank you, The_K_Studio.

What I need is to include 10 images in the apk for user to be installed together with the app into their gallery or device file, whichever is easier to implement.

Upload your images to assets and when screen1 initialize save them to the phone storage.

use file component of kodular to save images to a particular folders like>internal storage>Images

You need to ask the user for write permission to save images, once they saved in file manager of the device, they will also visible in gallery.

Great. Thank you for your super fast response. This is exactly what I need.

About asking for permission to store on the device, is it OS automatic or I need to implement it manually. If the later, please point me into a tutorial or document page.

Many thanks.

It is good to ask to the user for permission, so u have to set it manually.

Your issue is like an offline wallpaper app, so you have to search YouTube for tutorial about offline wallpaper app in Kodular.

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