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Hello Koders,
I am working on my new project and I have almost completed it but I have only one problem faced in my project.
I used one button when user click on this button then Component to Image Extension convert Vertical Arrangement into image and save it in external storage but the problem is that component to Image Extension successfully saves the image in external storage but the image doesn’t displays directly in in-built gallery app, I have to rename it from file manager then it displays in gallery.

Here’s Video ;

Blocks image ;

I have also tried with this ;

Please help me, how can I save component image and display it directly in gallery app without renaming it from file manager.

You try this /storage/emulated/0/picture.png ?

Already tried this but not works.

Post the aia (or a test aia that reproduces this issue).

In android system you need to refresh gallery after saving images from app manually in ios its automatic
to see image in gallery.
I think there is block to refresh gallery used it after saving image

Put this block in the event toImage created with local variable file path or add /storage/emulated/0/ in front of the file


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This was happened with me also.

When you save image file to a specific folder then it will not show in the phone Gallery even by refreshing it.

When you save image file directly in the sd card storage by giving path /storage/emulated/0/yourfilename.jpg or .png

Then it will show in gallery.

Now the image is not creating after adding

As I said :upside_down_face:

I don’t understand

Can i know, what u are getting by select list item get start value with index 1 block…

I get a random text like 6FWJ52862BSJGS

This method worked for me…

Thanks everyone how replied to solve my problem.
Special Thanks to @Boban, Now my problem is solved.

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