Does BackgroundTask extension works properly?

I want to make app that runs background. And I think only way to do this is the BackgroundTask extension by Atom Developer.
But this extension is too expensive for student, so I want to ask to Koders that bought this extension:

  1. I want to make app that checks database changes every 1 second. Is this works properly?
  2. Does this extension works even phone is turned off?
  3. Do you recommend me to buy this extension?
  4. Is there any other free way to do this?

I will buy this extension if answers are great. Thanks.

Probably will work, but will drain batery as hell :sweat_smile:

If you mean when you just turn the screen off, yes

Is up to you, but i think it’s worth

I dont think so


I bought this extension. Now he has created a music player. The one who dreamed. I even posted it on Google Play. I still want to understand how to create a GPS-tracker. Along with the extension, the author sends several programs for the sample. But it’s hard for me to understand. so today I asked him for help.