Does "Share" Component support HTML


My question is does i can write component_method massage in HTML format, I mean can i give HTML tags for breaking line or to make a particular sentence bold.

Thank you.

I think you can do that but question is where are you going to share to? The receiving app has to understand you are sending html else it will only display the html code.

What have you tried yourself?

look following is my message with HTML

Hey, Friends bla bla bla. <br><br>So, what are you waiting for go and <b>bla bla bla</b>.

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and i have used this blockcomponent_method for sharing massage.

I have not set a particular app for sharing massage all sharable type apps get detect automatically.

And what happens when you share this html with another app?

Just trying that

EDIT: my original post was flagged and hidden because someone found it wrong of me to question the assertions made in post #3.

All I did was ask @saurav_shaw612 to to prove the message he wants to send, especially as he is a creator of this app and should be able to back it up.


Looks like a spam message to me, and he successfully posted it here. :thinking:

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I now edited the message accordingly


It’s not spam…

Thank you @Taifun next time i will take care of this…