Pls help : Need line break in sharing message option

I want to break the line while sharing a message from my app

i use both \n and
both are not working

pls help me

If \n is used in the label, it will work, otherwise try <br> and turn HTMLFormat on.


There is no HTML option in sharing option and how can i use html.

then try <br> instead of \n, ignore the html.

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use this

It is tried but when i sharing text in showing
text on whatsapp

What pls mention

I think there was a topic about this:

@Mohamed_Tamer the OP is saying that \n isn’t working.

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Hey, I’ve the solution

Add a label component in design and turn it’s html to “on” …ok !! Now add
tag in text of label, add as much tags as much line break you want. Now use the “label text” in place of text string in which you wrote “
” or “/n”, okay.

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It’s Working. Thank you

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