Double payment of the premium and more

Hello everyone! Firstly I want to say that I love kodular, I understand the problems you are going through and I want to be optimistic that you will be able to get through it. BUT, it doesn’t seem right to me that they charge me twice each month from my card, since they’ve been doing it for months and I didn’t realize it. Seeing that situation, I personally decided to make that double contribution to kodular because it helped me a lot. However, a rather absurd topic has already arrived… A few days ago I had to pay my month of kodular and after about 3 to 4 days, my bank app tells me that they tried to charge kodular again, and here it is where I say, really, what is happening? The payment is made by stripe and I know that it can be configured monthly and that is taken care of by stripe, I know this because I also use it to collect… so my question is, why are they charging double and if so, be clear with the community, and Second, because not even 1 week has passed since my last payment and they already want to charge me again and no, I’m not wrong, it’s either their mistake or it’s Stripe’s mistake.

Honestly, all of this makes me wonder a lot. Thanks in advance, surely there is a good explanation and solution to all this.

Note: I changed users many times over time but I have been on kodular since it was created.