Kodular membership error

hello, kodular staff

Today I found some problem in my account, I am paid user but before a month again showing in my account alert to Purchase premium membership dialogue. So how many time I will have to purchase premium membership in a month? if 1 time in a month so please resolve my problem... I have already make payment for membership on dated


Please check Receipt pdf

Receipt-2990-1662.pdf (35.3 KB)

It seems like the payment cycle has get out of sync from your subscription.
Basically, your subscription was getting renewed on the 30th of every month. On December 30th, the payment failed, and we tried multiple times to re-charge your card. As it still didn’t go through, subscription was cancelled and then on the January 7th one of the payment intents went through, but it was too late as the subscription was already cancelled.

I’ve added that payment as credit to your account, so feel free to subscribe again. You will not be charged during this month, as that credit will be used as payment method.
If instead you prefer a refund, just let me know and I’ll refund the payment on the January 7th.

Why error show like link expire or payment in proccessing?

In your case, your bank has declined the transaction with code transaction_not_allowed. Please, check with your bank why the payment is getting rejected.

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