Doubt regarding an extension I recently bought

I recently bought an extension from a Kodular extension developer. He mentioned about a Kodular rule which sounded strange to me. He told me that when I build this app his own server will fetch my email ID. Does that mean the extension has codes in it that will send data from my app to his server ?
It sounded like spying, so im just curious if there’s such a system in Kodular to protect paid extensions ? :sweat_smile:

Kodular doesn’t provide any framework to facilitate transactions for third-party components. We leave it entirely up to the extension developer to decide how they wish to transfer money and enforce their components.

As such, the extension developer may have internal checks that connect to a third-party server to validate your purchase. Kodular neither facilitates non hinders this exchange of information. This is something you’ll have to take up with the extension developer if you feel the integrity of the data of your app is being compromised.

Hope this helps!