Extension Security

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How can I check an extension (.aix) is safe or not. I mean, If I can view the code of extension then I can verify that it doesn’t contains any unwanted code which would take device activity thing.

Is it possible to see the code inside an extension?

No It’s Not Possible Yet to See The Java Code Of any Extension , If Extension Will Be Dangerous So Kodular Will Inform You And If Extension Take Extra Permissions So Your Builded App Inform You

App won’t compile is extension dangerous.So you’ll know its dangerous…And you’ll know from the log which extension isn’t safe…


I also want to know Is kodular taking our device related information like device id, ip address etc.? since permission is not required for device id, ip address etc.

How can i check log in kodular?

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If a compile error occurred…View log button will appear…And you’ll know where is the error from it…

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No, Kodular Is Not Taking Any Device Information Until You Not Use Any Extension Or Components That Need Device Info

You Can Just Check It Out Any Blank Application Made With Kodular Simple Long Tap On App Icon And Got To Appinfo And Check Permissions

As we know onesignal can take device related information without our permission. Once you download the app and device will start showing in onesignal panel. So, kodular can also take these things

As I Say Above Kodular Not Taking Any Information But Components May be Take If Required And Onsingle Is A Component

It means any extension can take device information, Since i can’t see extension code so we can say extension is not safe to use.
Taking device information through extension is not a dangerous extension so kodular also won’t inform us…correct?

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