Download an APK to App-Specific Directory (ASD) and install it without permissions

thanks it is working now

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Can you help me with this error?

Hi! I’m a beginner, I made these blocks that after downloading the apk via webviewer, it opens the folder where it was saved, I would just like to implement it by opening a download folder, after downloading it go to installation. someday?

Its working, I will to test the new version because in plays console, probllem with InstalPackage

hi anke, i am trying to use your extension. What I want to do is this: After the file is loaded, I want to ensure that the installation is completed without the “install” button for the installation. Is this possible?

Not Working Please Help

This worked well for me, thank you very much, a query could be put in the message if you want to install or cancel it can only be installed so as to prevent the user from canceling it

Thank you, Anke, for sharing. Your sharing has been a great help to me.
I checked the downloaded file, and it seems that the correct file name was downloaded, but it was not fully downloaded. The size of my APK file on Google Drive is 8.65MB, but when I downloaded it in file share mode, it was only 23kb, or when I downloaded it in private mode, it was 635kb. As a result, I keep encountering the error message “There was a problem parsing the package.” Can you please advise me on how to resolve this issue?
Thank you.
Peter M from Vancouver

I found out the problem. When trying to download the apk file(or big size file), it got replaced by a web page that guided the file download instead of immediately downloading the file, which is how the file normally behaves. The parsing issue also occurred because the downloaded file wasn’t an apk file. Although I could go back to the website and download the file again, it’s quite inconvenient.

I have finally found the solution. It involves confirming the direct download of the entire file from Google Drive without a virus scan. This applies to both large files and APK files. The picture below will provide further assistance.

Thank you Thank you how i explain my situation I am very happy my Problem is solved only beacouse of you :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Hi, wouldn’t it be possible to have a test “aia” in order to better understand how to assemble all the blocks

Hello and I ask you for help because I can’t download my apk file from Google Drive and it detects it in a strange, unreadable format

Sorry for late that time my exams started and I forgot about building . But now you can’t download because now Gdrive not going to send apk link they says suspicious file detected and that’s why it’s not work.