"Download" component doesn't download the files using url

Hello community, in my app I have a screen to download 5 pdf files, using different buttons and each button I associate a “download” component with their respective url. Each button shows a Rewarder ad.

What I expect from the app, is that by touching each of the different buttons load the ad, after watching the full video, give the option to download the pdf file and open the storage place on the mobile, until here everything is fine .

The problem is that when touching each button, only the last file associated with the “download component” with its respective url is downloaded. I cannot download the other files associated with a different url.

Which may be?
SmartBookMath_Archivos_pdf1.ais (11.6 KB)

Consider using one Download component.

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DRY - Don’t repeat yourself

in your case use only one download component as it already has been said and set the download url before doing the download



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