Download extension

Hi Koders,
Can somebody tell me where to find “download extension” that is used in Kodular?
Thank you

Are you looking for a specific extension?

Are you talking about the Download component?

Just do a search to find it… . You can do that for all components…


Yes. I need the extension that is used in building download component

It is a component. And a component is NOT an extension Also Kodular is closed source. .

EDIT Just use the web component to download something. .


I know that a component is not an extension.
I get your point about a “closed source”.
Thank you Taifun for your time


I will try to use it now

Yes a download extension which allows me to download file in Web Viewer

Finally we find out, what you really want to do… you coukd have mentioned it earlier…
Use the custom webviewer


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This is exactly what I need.
Let me thank you a lot for your help

Regards :innocent:

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