Is there any way to download using webviewer

i was making app and i wanted it to have downloading function.please suggest me any possible ways for it

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Need an Extended Web Viewer Extension


Problem Solved Brother ?

hello,the extended web viewer is not able to download the file using new makeroid andromeda update


did you test this using the apk file?
the companion app currently is not able to run extensions…


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no ,the download functionality in extended webviewer is not working even as an apk in my phone.
kindly help

What about checking out the “Download” component in Connectivity section?

I tried that download option in connectivity section too, it didn’t work. I guess there is a bug with the makeroid Andromeda update.

show the blocks you used with download component and @Kodular admins will help you if it is a bug

Yes, I will send the screenshot of the Block


use extended web viewer" Extension

When the desired link is clicked, set DownloadURL to that link, and download using the Download component.

You cannot connect any external extensions with WebViewer.

So the Extended WebViewer extension doesn’t work in Makeroid

Yes ,you are right. Is there any workaround for it??

you are using extended web viewer which is not supported by makeroid. use “Download” component and show us your block

Maybe you should read a bit, @Arjun_Gowda.

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It’s not possible to add download component and download from the webviewer cause the URL needed for the download component to download is not available from [email protected]
Lol,I already read what you said and tried it, it still didn’t work.@kanishka_developer

Show us your blocks then.

yes… i have created a browser app with download option without using any extension. check out this YouTube video and download the aia file to get the block.

With WebView, nope, but you can use the download component

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